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Palette Tune



Tool to adjust the color of different fragments of images

Palette tune - a program for color correction, color design, tuning the colors of the different pieces of the image, coloring pictures, including black-and-white photos


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The email and news client with a powerful message search system

MailNavigator is a combination of two advanced tools for fast handling of emails and news messages:

NAVIGATOR - is a very convenient mail and news browser, featuring some unique capabilities.

FILTER - is a powerful information retrieval tool for the mailbox folders of the majority of popular mail programs: MS Mail, MS News, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, Forte Agent, Pegasus Mail, The Bat, Eserv, and also for all the popular bases of the Fidonet information network. The processing language of the filters includes the standard operators: OR, AND, NOT, NEAR, their synonyms, and parentheses for defining the order of operators.

Outlook Express Recovery Tool. MailNavigator can be used for recovering the information contained in mail archives. If, as a result of computer crash, Outlook Express or another mail client cannot read its message archives, you can try opening them in MailNavigator and exporting them back.


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Universal viewer, player and a highlight text editor

Simple file editor with multimedia capability and text syntax highlight.

You could edit text, html and office documents, view graphics and play music and video - all in one application.


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Download Analyzer



Web log analysis software specialized on the analysis of downloadings of files

Web log analysis software specialized in the analysis of download traffic (audio, video, and graphics files, and software distribution kits).

It creates special interactive reports on downloads, referals, used search phrases and individual search words.

The large range of filters and interactive reports allows for relevant qualitative analyses of a site for the purpose of optimizing the site for search engines.

It increases site accessibility and provides targeted traffic analysis, increasing the quantity of hits and downloads.

Download Analyzer includes a special tool - Pay-Per-Click Calculator - which can calculate specific return on advertising spent on particular search phrases per paid search engines (,, etc..).


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DBX Backup



A reliable tool for restore of badly corrupted Outlook Express mails and creation of backups.

DBX Backup restores badly corrupted Outlook Express dbx files and makes backups.

With DBX Backup you can be sure that your mailbox contents will be available after any unforeseeable event like a hardware malfunction or software corruption. DBX Backup supports the majority of popular mailbox formats, works with large dbx files and provides quick information backup in the batch mode. You will also be pleased to find out that even badly corrupted dbx files can be restored. An advanced search system will help you to locate dbx files if the registry is damaged.


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